Plastic bags full of dried seahorese for sale at a medicine shop in Guangzhou, China. Seahorses are dried for use as aphrodisiacs in Chinese medecine.
buy dry seahorse
buy dry seahorse

             Buy dry seahorse

    • Dry Seahorse
    • Propinsi  Tengah Indonesia 
    • lastic, cardboard box
    • Dried 30 
    • 0 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month 



Dry Seahorse(buy dry seahorse). Previous studies have rumored that seahorses have a high content of proteins, amino acids, and fatty acids. High supermolecule content has several advantages if consumed, particularly for pregnant ladies.

supermolecule in these marine animals are helpful to assist the growth of organs like brain, bone, muscle, till the system.

Although the protein content is useful for pregnant ladies, it ought to still be at intervals cheap limits. supermoleculedemand of a pregnant mother is concerning seventy five gram per day.

Noteworthy, this supermolecule demand isn’tsolely from seahorses, however it may be from different food sources.

          Prevent Depression and Insomnia

Are you an insomniac? Causes of insomnia, referred to as issue sleeping, among others, due to stress and depression. once aiming to bed, the shadow of the problem encountered therefore sleep disturbed.

Well, the macromolecule contained ocean horse is so magicsleep disorder is overcome for you WHO feel should finish your dangerous habits.

        Treatment of Breast Cancer. Dry Seahorse

Doxorubicin may be a broad-spectrum therapy agent. However, its use is restricted because of the noxious effects on healthy tissues (especially the center and immune system).

Seahorses contain steroids, saponins, and glycosides that have cytotoxic effects. Therefore, this animal is believed to be another treatment for carcinoma. Dry Seahorse.