Ox company do have the following sizes
7 cm to 9 cm
10 cm to 12 cm
13 cm to 14 cm
15 cm and above
Prices depends on the size and quantity Ordered.
Quarantine, Cites and Invoice are provided dried seahorse for sale

dry seahorse for sale online.

Ox company also sell online cow gallstone to many countries round the world such as China,Hong Kong,Germany etc well dried and preserved for world market so.


Seahorses are a type of marine animal found throughout the world’s oceans. They are actually a type of fish, with a long, curling tail, a spiny body, a crowned head, and a protruding snout that resembles a horse. The entire seahorse is used as a medicinal. The are caught then dried in the sun before use. Its believe that when its larger it content high amount of portent so

The use of dried seahorse.

Weight : 320 – 350 pcs / kg
Size : 18 – 19 cm
Packing : as buyer’s request

Forms of sea horse are available now

We have wholesale, dried sea horse. Powdered sea horse is also available, usually as a pill, powder or capsule.

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Suppliers of Dried Seahorse.

We are suppliers of Dried Seahorse and dried cucumber in the sale of high grade dried seahorse of all sizes and colors. Our seahorse are harvested from the wild and processed properly before sun dried. Our dried sea horse has no chemicals, no dirt, sand or mud. We export to many countries around worldwide .are wild caught under permit and it is CITES approved. We can supply in all quantities. You are welcome to visit our company and see things for yourself equally you can contact us via email or telephone for more information.
Dryness: 90-98%
Good quality
Shelf Life: 2 YEARS
Sizes: 150-200-300-400-500-600
Minimum Order : 10kg
Price cheaper
please contact us along site your emails for fast response
Thanks and best regards

Seahorse suppliers

We offer high grade dried seahorse of all sizes and all colors. this dried seahorse is 100% sun and processed by the finest experts. Our dried seahorse has no dirt, no mud, no sand, and no chemical. Contact via email or telephone for information regarding our dried seahorse.high grade dried seahorse of all sizes and all colors

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