japanese sea cucumber sushi

Ox company do sale japanese sea cucumber sushi at a cheaper price,
In Japan, the insides of sea cucumbers are treated as separate food
items called konowata. They are served on gunkan, which is a type of sushi.
Others prefer to pickle it. The Naamako Chaburi is a sea cucumber that
has been marinated in tea and then served with vinegar on it.

japanese sea cucumber sushi

japanese spiky sea cucumber

Japanese spiky sea cucumber or Japanese sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus),
Sea of Japan (East sea), Primorsky Krai, Far East, Russian Federation all for sale both
dry and wet and dry seahorse

Apostichopus japonicus (japanese sea cucumber

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US $260/kg
50kg (Min. Order)
Product Description:
LARGE SIZE: japanese sea cucumber sushi
a.- Length: 8-15cm maximum per piece
b.- Width:2-3cm maximum per piece
a.- Length: 4-5cm maximum per piece
b.-Width:15-2.5cm maximum per piece
a.- Length: 3-4cm maximum per piece
b.- Width:1-2cm maximum per piece
Product Description
2.) No sand
4.)color:black or brown

5.)weight:80-100pieces/kg or 160-200pieces/kg
7.)Shelf life:stored in cool,dry place at room
temperature to mainain 2years
8.)No sugar,no preservatives and chemicals
9.)we can provide phytosanitary certificate
Dry sea Cucumber black/white teat
Large size 22-24 pcs/kg.. US$260 per Kg
Medium 49-51 pcs/kg.. US$200 per Kg
Small 117-120 pcs/kg.. US$150 per Kg
Packaging & Delivery:

japanese sea cucumber sushi

  1. The shipment Port of us could be any port of
    2.Packaging Details:In bags or as descriped by the
  2. Delivery time: Within 7days or according to the
    quantity ordered
  3. Quantity available: More than 98Okg per month
  4. We will combine reasonable and low cost
    shipping company for the items you ordered.

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