dried seahorses for sale

Ox company do sale dried seahorses at a cheaper price ,our seahorses are
just the best when you are looking to buy dry seahorse,We are involved in
the supply of dried sea horse and other sea food products like dried Octopus,
dried fish, dried sea cucumber, dried shark fins and dried fish maw.
These products are well dried and we use no chemicals drying them,
so they are naturally dried ( Sun Dried ).

Product Specification

Marketing Promotion DetailsQuality s e a h o r s e
Business Industry Typestock sales
Minimum Order Quantity100 Kilogram

Product Description

We offer high grade dried s e a h o r s e of all sizes and all colors.
Our dried  s e  a h o r s e is 100% sun dried and processed by the finest experts.
Our dried s e a h o r s e has no dirt, no mud, no sand, and no
chemical Our dried s e a h o r s e is exported along side valid export
documents. Packing is done according to customer specifications.
Delivery is done via air cargo and via courier services with a maximium
delivery period of 7 working days.We can supply in all quantities and
we can ship to any destination. Contact via email or telephone
for information regarding our dried s e a h o r s e. high grade
dried s e  h o r s e of all sizes.

Dried seahorse supplier

Ox company seahorses supply was
established in 2001 in Australia. Our goal
has always been to supply seahorses to the
traditional Chinese medicine trade,
pharmacies and individual companies that
need our products to produce drugs that
enhance life threatening diseases as well as to
individuals in order to reduce the pressure of
that market on wild populations. Australia
Seahorse has achieved decades of successful
seahorse breeding. Seahorse Denmark also
supplies, Dry Ox cOw gallstones, dry fish maw,
dry swallow bird nest, dry cuttlefish bones, dry
abalone, dried Gecko on a regular bases.
We now the leading exporter of quality
dried seahorse from Europe with an export
capacity of 3200 kg per month. If you want to
establish seahorse business, contact us as your
top supplier and exporters of dried seahorse.
Most of quality dried seahorse supplies come
from Australia; We ship our dried seahorse
with CITES Permit and all legal documents
involved. We ship to United States of America,
Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia,
Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Italy, Taiwan,
Korea, Japan, Singapore and various Sout
Asian countries.

dried seahorses details

size: 18-28cm

cut: straight over the belly.

moisture: 7% max.

dryness: 100% dried

color: brown

radiation: normal certified

smell: free of any smell

number of pieces per kg: about 180-200 pieces

you should precise exact details of the product you need ,

required quantity and delivery port for a more accurate price .

for further inquiry do not hesitate to dried seahorses for sale

Additional Information

Item Code009975
Delivery Time7 – 14 days
Production Capacity5 ton/ quarter
Packaging DetailsSealed bags and cartons in containers

dry seahorse size

14cm-35cm 100-300
pcs kg
(14 customer reviews)
459,0e $350,00
Minimum order for Size 14cm-35cm 100-300
pcs/kg is 50kg.
We ship with CITES permit, Export License,
Quarantine certificate and all legal Documents.
Supply ability per month:2500kg
Available right now in stock:18000kg
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what is the use of dry seahorse

dry seahorse, also called Hippocampus
patagonicus is use as medicine. dry Sea horses
have sweet and warm properties, and are
associated with the Liver and Kidney meridians,
according to the precepts of traditional Chinese
medicine. Among the conditions sea horse treats
asthma, infections of the throat, insomnia, and
abdominal pain. Seahorse Medicine is fast
seahorse breeding secrets – dry
Seahorses breed more readily in the aquarium
than any other marine fishes. Males and females
are easy to sex, form permanent pair bonds, and
breed continuously throughout the year in
captivity. Often re-mating scant hours after their
latest brood has been delivered. With the
exception of their feeding regimen, their
aquarium requirements are fairly undemanding.
As bay fishes, they tolerate fluctuations in salinity
and temperatures. Hence the water condion
that would quickly prove fatal for most

Dried Captive Bred Real Common Seahorses.

Dried Seahorse for sale, the quantity offered is based on the
size of the seahorses and stock at the time of your order.
They may come with straight or curled tails we do not do requests.
Sizes are approximate and for straight or curled tails,
be aware if this is a problem do not buy this item.
You will receive seahorses in the sizes listed with or without a curled tail.
No requests. The seahorses shown in the photo are like
the ones we will send based on their size.
These are real aqua farmed dried seahorses NOT WILD CAUGHT!
some may be sealed or not depending on the size you buy.
The Dried Seahorse for sale in the photo will be like the ones you receive based on the size.

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