cow gallstone for sale

Ox company do sale gallstone cow at a cheaper price,We are offering
cow gallstone. cow / ox gallstone available with ration(80 whole / 20 broken)
specifications cow gallstone is known for its high-quality and natural
processing; and the renderings are always obtained from disease free
protein fed cattle we have the ability to supply several kilograms monthly
according to our standard ratio of whole stone to broken stone, we can
proudly say our ratio is between 80/20 and 90/10 we pride ourselves on
prompt shipments via air courier either by dhl or ups

cow gallstone for sale

what are cow gallstones used for

Ox cow gallstones for sale online, is also called
natural Ox gallstones. Some calls it Cattle
Gallstones, Cow Bezoar, Calculus bovis, Bovine
Gallstones, Niu Huang. To some, a bezoar may be
some mythological property only used in
wizarding potions. For others, they’re nothinhg
more than a nuisance that should be disposed of
immediately. In Asia, bezoars, or ox cow gallstones
are worth more than gold. Gallstones, as the
name suggests, form in the gallbladder of the
Cow or Ox or Bison.
ox cow gallstones for sale online,
identification and its features
Gallstones are usually round, triangular, or square
in shape, vary in size and are usually a yellowish-
red to brown-orange in color. Calculus bovis also
have a long history of being used in Chinese
medicine as well as in other medicines around
the world.
medicinal purposes of cow
You may wonder just what an ox gallstone can be
used for today in the new world of high-chg
medicine. Traditions are hard to be rid of,a
gallstones are still used-and sworn by-to Teuton

how to extract cow gallstones

The gallstones are separated from any waste product such as the bile, bile tubes and
are extracted near the liver. Washed with cold water in order to remove any blood or
other imperfections. They are then stored in a dark, well air conditioned, room, at
20°C, for two to three weeks, where they dry to get cow gallstone for sale

cow gallstones buyers

Ox company do sale gallstone cow to all cow gallstone buyer who are willing to
buy in large quantity and from any country around the world,do sale whole stones,
broken stones and even powdered cow gallstones

medicinal purposes of cow gallstones

You may wonder just what an ox gallstone can be
used for today in the new world of high-tech
medicine. Traditions are hard to be rid of, and so,
gallstones are still used-and sworn by-to treat
some of the following conditions. It is said to heal
a red and swollen throat and cure boils, sores or
carbuncles as well. Ox Cow gallstones for sale
In children, it is especially used to treat
convulsions in addition to wheezing, vomiting,
diarrhea, mucus, fever, unconsciousness, seizures
or epilepsy, meningitis, measles, and
gastroenteritis. The bezoar is usually taken in pill
form and is not recommended for women who
are pregnant.
The bezoar reportedly clears the heart,
rejuvenates one’s spirit, removes phlegm,
delirium, or a coma. It also clears the liver and
removes toxicity and putsa stop to tremors and
convulsions. When mixed with water buffalo horn
or rhinoceros horn, the treatment is said ta
encephalitis, meningitis, and even Legionn
condition. Ox Cow gallstones for sale online

how gallstones function in treating diseases

Bile that has high concentrations of hydrophobic
bile acids act as powerful detergents. These can
kill pathogenic organisms through the cel
membrane. They act as softening, soothing,
cleansing and antiseptic treatments. Since ox bile
has high levels of vitamins A, D, E and K, those
who had deficiencies of any or all of these
vitamins could receive them through the pill. Ox
Cow gallstones for sale online.
Deficiencies in these vitamins have been known
to lead to night blindness, infertility, childhood
rickets, hemorraghic diathesis, and osteopenia.
So, by receiving the vitamins through the
gallstone, they were able to remove those
deficiencies, and thus lose the symptoms of the
disease. Ox Cow gallstones for sale online.
Bezoars have also been proven to inhibit, or stop,
bacteria and microbial growth. Ox Cow gallstones
for sale online. This has given them anti-
inflammatory, sedative, hypnotic, anticony
antispasmodic, analgesic, and antiallergic
benefits. Since gallstones contain rare metalButton dried seahorse

quality and classification of cow gallstone

Highest demand is for stones with the folloWing features:
Yellow golden orange color; Stones with low specific weight;
large stones; Ox Cow gallstones for sale online bili rubin content not less than 35%
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